Craps is an interesting dice game that has grown in popularity over the yeats. This game can be found at the table game category at online casinos. The gameplay is quite simple however, you will need to understand howe the different bets of the game works. The whole idea of the game is t bet on the outcome of a dice. Visit to learn more

Histiry of Craps

Craps has its origin from the United States however, this was only when the game become popular. There is little knowledge of the origin of craps. However, the popular story is that the game was brought to the UK by pilgrim who enjoyed betting. The game has been in existence for over two centuries. However, the game did not start as perfect as it is now

  • Craps started as a simple dice game

When the pilgrims took the game to the united states, they used a different name and the gameplay was different. The original crap did not have the varieties of bets that are available today. Overtime as operators started adopting it, many of them started tweaking the game to make it more interesting and also make the odds favour then more while the player still have fin

Terminologies in online craps

Although online craps are quite easy to learn and you will have many features that will help you play the game better right at your fingertips, We will only conspire the popular ones. One of the terms you will hear a lot is Snake Eyes. This slang describes a situation when you have 1 on the two dice at the end of the roll.

Another term that you might come across the Stickman is the official that alerts the next person to roll the dice and gets the dice across to that player. However, when you are playing online craps, this will be done programmatically. In most cases, you will be the only person playing at the table except you are playing at a live casino. Another term is Boxman.

Types of bet

There are different types of bet that you will come across when playing online craps. However, the first type of bet that you will come across is the pass line bet. This is a bet that you place on the shooter. You win the bet when the shooter rolls seven or eleven. However, when the shooter rolls two, three or even twelve, you lose the round.

When there are other numbers apart from this, a point will be declared and the shooter must roll that before you can win. Another bet that you can also choose is Don't pass bet. The don't pass bet only wins when the shooter rolls 2 or 3. However, if the shooter rolls 12, the round ends in a tie. Other bets include

  • Come bet
  • Don't come bet

How to play

The gameplay is quite simple, if you are playing online craps, you automatically become the shooter. You will be the one to roll the dice. Usually, the roll dice button is at the top right corner of the game This will be inactive until you place a bet on the game. The pass line and done pass bet will be active and you can choose any.

When you roll the dice, you will be rewarded based on the bet you choose. When you establish a pint after the come-out roll, other bets will be made active accordingly. You can also use the level option to adjust the value of the bet per round. The game allows you to change bet for every round which gives you liberty.

  • Other features to consider are
  • Paytable window

Variants and Types of craps.

Craps comes in different variants and one of the most popular types of craps variant is the Bank Crap. This type of crap is sometimes called Las Vegas Craps. It has a unique table design that is somewhat different from other types of craps. Another type is Crapless craps. This type of crap gives a higher odd to the house edge.

Craps is an interesting game that offers any players to win. Online craps is based majorly on luck, however, there are some betting strategies that you can use to improve your chance of winning. You can bet on online craps when you register an account with an online casino. However, you should confirm that the online casino has a license that authorizes it to operate a real money casino.